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Download the complete CDMF Syllabus - 2020 to find specific Class details.

NOTE:  The 2020 Syllabus will be available shortly


      1    Please read the General Rules and Regulations.


2. Competitors wishing to be considered for recommendation to Junior B,                     Intermediate, Senior  Class at Provincials must participate in        three or more Solo Classes with selections of ARCT level or higher.                           

To qualify for Junior A Class, the nominee must have performed in three or more solo classes in Grades 6 to 9.                      


    See PAGE 4 of CDMF Syllabus 2020, – Under: Provincial Competition Structure



  1. Each competitor must submit an original copy/score of the music selections to the adjudicator's secretary prior to the class in which he/she is to perform.
  2. Competitors must number the first bar of each line in their score(s).
  3. All copyrights regarding music must be observed. Photocopies or manual copies of copyrighted material will not be accepted. The adjudicator must be given a complete original score of music under copyright for the duration of the performance. If original scores are not available, a letter is required from the publisher giving permission for copying. If the selection is generally considered to be in the public domain, a letter confirming this fact is required from the publisher along with permission to copy. The use of music downloaded from the Internet is permissible as long as it is accompanied by receipts for the number of copies downloaded. If membership in a site provides free use of the material downloaded, proof of membership must be provided. Music downloaded from the free website www.imslp.org is permitted. Please write the full URL of the work being performed on the first page of all parts and copies being used. The Federation of Canadian Music Festivals does allow photocopies for the purposes of page turns, but the full score must still be present at the performance venue, in addition to an original copy for the adjudicator. Competitors attempting to use unauthorized copies of copyrighted material will be disqualified.


6.   ENTRY FORMS:  All solo entries MUST be submitted on the Piano Solo  

Entry Form. DO NOT use Speech or Vocal Forms.  ALL group                        entries (duet, trio, 4 hand and 8 hand) MUST be submitted on the Piano                  Group Form. Specific description of selections and composers, such as Opus             number and movement(s) etc. MUST be included on all entry forms. 

Performance time for each selection MUST be stated on the entry form as well.     This includes pieces in all graded and non-graded classes. Time the selections accurately and state the ACTUAL performance time on the entry form NOT the maximum time  allowed.


7.   TIME LIMITS: In specified classes the time limit will be strictly enforced.  


8.  DRESS CODE:  Please note, appropriate attire is encouraged




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