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The Festival shall be under the working management of the Festival Committee. Any questions not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Committee through the Secretary and the decision of the Committee shall be final.


1. The competitions, unless otherwise stated, shall be open to non-professional performers only. The term “non-professional” shall mean one whose principal income is not derived from performing arts services. This condition does not apply to conductors of choirs or those bona-fide students of music or dance who teach for the purpose of applying the money so earned to the furtherance of their musical education and does not preclude occasional remuneration received for services rendered in the arts.

2. Competition may be entered by a non-professional performer following age guidelines.

3. The competitions are open to eligible competitors, resident in the Province of British Columbia.

4. No individual is allowed more than one entry in any SOLO Group classes.

5. Where there are several classes in a specific area divided by age or grade (Vocal Solo, Bible Reading), competitors are restricted to one class only, in that category.

     a) First Place Winners of classes from previous festivals in which there were four or more competitors registered, are not eligible to
 compete again in the particular class in which they have already placed first. These winners must move up to the next age group or
 grade in order to compete in the same classification.

     b) Any winning selection from previous year's festivals is not permitted to be used by the SAME competitor in any other class.



All presentations of awards and bursaries are based on Adjudicator recommendations. Awards and Bursaries for all disciplines are not listed in the 2020 Syllabus. Full details of all Awards and Bursaries will be printed in the 2020 CDMF program.



6. Entries for all Disciplines MUST be made online. All entries must include complete competitor and teacher contact information, discipline and class information, complete music and selection information and fee.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted. Payment must be made by PayPal.  (It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to pay via PayPal.)


8. Entries MUST be received online on or before the closing date of December 15th, 2019. 

9. Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted.

10. A $10.00 fee is assessed for each entrant (see entry form). This fee covers processing costs and the charge for a festival program. Programs will be handed out at the front desk during festival. Additional programs will be available for purchase during Festival.

11. Refunds will be given in cases of illness ONLY. The application for a refund MUST be made within 60 days of discipline finish date and include a physician’s certificate verifying the illness, a $10.00 administration fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

12. The entry fee includes the charge for a written adjudication, which will be given out at the end of the session in which the competitor has taken part.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without stating a reason for doing so.



In classes where the age limit is specified, the parent/guardian or teacher MUST verify the actual birth date AND age of the entrant on the entry form. The accepted age for such classes will be as of December 31st of the year prior to festival. (i.e. For Festival 2020: the entry form must show the age of the entrant as of December 31st, 2019)



13. In “Own Selection” classes for the Vocal section, the title, composer and performance time MUST be specified on the entry form. Competitors MUST bring “original scores” (NO PHOTOCOPIES) to the session secretary PRIOR to performing and must claim them after the class has been adjudicated.

14. In “Own Selection” for the Speech Arts section, title, Author and Publisher MUST be stated on the entry form.  Competitors MUST bring “original publications” (NO PHOTOCOPIES) to the session secretary PRIOR to performing.

15. In “Own Selection” classes, the adjudicator will take into consideration the interpretation and suitability of the composition.

16. Internet downloads of music and other selections are accepted only with a receipt of proof of payment for the item(s). 



A deduction of five (5) marks will be made in cases where selections have not been memorized. This includes all Duets, Trios, 4-hands and 8-hands. Speech Arts: For memory exception see Speech Arts Rule #6.



Repeat Signs MAY ordinarily be ignored, However Da Capo (D.C. al fine) signs must be performed.



17. Teacher name OR Studio name MUST NOT appear anywhere on the original score or publications delivered to the secretary. 


19. a) The adjudicator may stop any performance at any time, either verbally or by ringing a bell.  

      b) When the performance exceeds the time limit set out in the official Syllabus the adjudicator WILL stop the performance and a
deduction of Five (5) marks 
will be made. 

20.  Competitors may not perform the same selection in more than one class.

21.  Once the entry list is closed, the Committee shall arrange the order of the Programme. The Committee reserves the right to alter the order of competing, to subdivide, add or combine the class (should the entries warrant) or to withdraw  any class in which the number of entries is insufficient.

22. Once the programme has been completed the class number, date, time and place for every competition will be sent to the teacher and each student entered in the festival. NO CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE WILL BE PERMITTED OR ACCOMMODATED AFTER THAT TIME. All particulars regarding timing and competition order will appear in the Official Program.

23. Additional programs will be available for purchase during Festival.

24. Competitors must be in attendance 15 minutes prior to the start of their class. 

25. Competitors will be called by name by the session secretary and shall commence when the adjudicator signals to begin.

26. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who is not ready to compete when called upon by the session secretary, unless an acceptable reason has been given previously. Late arrivals will be called again at the end of the class performance and if the entrant is not present at that time will be considered a no-show and not eligible to compete in that class. 

27. Candidates who intend to withdraw from any class are requested, as a courtesy to notify the coordinator of that discipline as early as possible.

28. Any physical alterations to a performance area before or during competition by a competitor or his representative without permission from the section chairman, shall, at the discretion of the committee, disqualify that competitor.

29. When determining winners of certain general awards for individual performances (i.e. Best, Most Promising), adjudicators will be advised to take into consideration a student’s overall achievement in this Festival. In other words, for these general awards, several excellent performances will sometimes win an award over a single performance gaining the highest mark.


31. All trophies are the property of the CDMF Performing Arts Festival, unless otherwise stated, and are competed for annually. All “challenge trophies” shall be returned by January 15th each year. All trophy winners are required to complete AND sign an acceptance form.

Engraving of names on the trophy is the responsibility of the recipient of the award.

32.To be eligible to receive any trophies or scholarships, winners will be required to perform at the Honours Concerts, if called upon by the committee.

33. The Committee reserves the right to select the performers for the final Concerts.

34. Absolute silence is required during performances. The public MAY NOT ENTER OR LEAVE the hall while a competitor is performing or an adjudicator is speaking. 

35. In moving about the hall, competitors and public must do so quietly.

36. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the adjudicator be approached by any person. This includes competitors, teachers, parents, relatives, friends or accompanists.

37. The adjudication process is an integral part of the festival competition. Competitors are expected to be in attendance for the adjudication of their classes.

Please Note: Competitors who are absent for their adjudication will receive a written adjudication ONLY. Marks or placement will not be allocated.

38.  All CELL PHONES, PHOTOGRAPHY OR RECORDING DEVICES MUST BE TURNED OFF BEFORE THE START OF THE COMPETITION. Competitors risk disqualification if such devices, owned by the competitor or by family/friends in the competition room, are found to be turned ON.



39. Registered protests MUST be made in writing to the Secretary during the Festival and accompanied by a protest fee of $25.00. The fee will be returned if the protest is sustained. The protest shall be heard by the Protest Committee, which shall be composed of three members of the Festival Committee who have been appointed by the President. Their decision shall be final.

40. Any questions or matters NOT referred to under General Rules may be dealt with by the Secretary and decided upon by the Joint Committee of the Festival. Their decision shall be final.



41. The CDMF Performing Arts Festival Society (the “Society”) is NOT responsible for any claims, demands or damages concerning injury to any competitor that may occur during the annual CDMF Performing Arts Festival. The Society will NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to musical instruments, equipment, props, or any other PERSONAL property. The Society’s acceptance of a competitor’s application for entry into the CDMF Performing Arts Festival, will release any responsibility of the Society or volunteers for the Society, from claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action arising out of or in consequence of any loss, injury or damage to any competitor or any competitor’s personal property incurred while attending or participating in the CDMF Performing Arts Festival.



42. The scale of marks for each performance shall be based on the following:

                        75% to 79%              -           Average

                        80% to 84%               -           Good

                        85% to 89%               -           Very Good

                        90% to 100% -           -           Excellent With Distinction

At the discretion of the adjudicator, certificates will be awarded to the top three (3) placements in each class obtaining a mark of 80 or more. Medals will be awarded to First place winners in each class obtaining a mark of 85 or more.


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