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Performing Arts BC is the umbrella organization of the 34 active Music, Voice, Speech Arts and Dance Festivals in B.C.  The main function of Performing Arts BC is to organize provincial level competitions.

The 2019 Provincials will be held in Chilliwack, between 26 May and 30 May, 2019

Congratulations and Good Luck to the following CDMF competitors who will be representing our Festival at the 2019 Provincials:


Junior A...............Aisha Hsu

Junior B................Rachel Wei

Intermediate.........Angela Hu 

        Senior.....................Hamilton Lau

 National..................Mina McKenzie

Musical Theatre

Junior.....................Makena Thomas

Intermediate..........Lyrie Murad

Senior..................Brooklyn White

 Classical Voice

Junior......................Omer Murad

Intermediate.......Claire Bidulka

Speech and Drama

Junior................Ezekiel Centeno

  Intermediate.....Allison Keogh

Senior.................Tiffany Chen


Four levels of competitions are held: Junior, Intermediate, Senior and National.

The disciplines include: Music, Voice, Speech Arts and Piano


Note: Speech Arts does not have classes at the National level



To be eligible for a Provincial or National class recommendation, a competitor in the CDMF Performing Arts Festival must have entered two or more SOLO classes and have received a mark of 85% or higher.


For further information please contact your section coordinator



JUNIOR                     Age Limit:     Piano                         14 years and under

                                                            Speech Arts                          11 to 13 years

                                                            Voice, Classical

                                                            & Musical Theatre                14 years and under

INTERMEDIATE     Age Limit:     Piano                                     17 years and under

                                                            Speech Arts                          13 to 16 years

                                                            Voice, Classical

                                                            & Musical Theatre                18 years and under

SENIOR                     Age Limit:     Piano                                     23 years and under

                                                            Speech Arts                          15 to 23 years

                                                            Voice, Classical

                                                            & Musical Theatre                28 years and under



                                    Age Limit:                                                     28 years and under

Rules for National Classes in Instrumental and Vocal are set out in the National

Music Festival Syllabus. Winners of the National Classes at the Provincial finals will represent B.C. at the National Music Festival.

NATIONAL: Age Limit:     Instrumental & Voice           28 years and under

Please Note: That all competitors, under the legal age for the Province in which the

National Festival is held, will be given the option of either (a) staying in residence with designates; or (b) rooming with a parent or legal guardian in a separate area of the residence; or (c) staying off campus with a parent or legal guardian in a residence of their choice.






  1. Competitors must have received the adjudicator’s recommendation.


  2. Competitors must be within the appropriate age limits for the class.


  3. Competitors must have performed in a competition class at a local festival and have received a mark of 85% or over.


    Adjudicator Recommendation Forms must have been signed by the adjudicator (the only person authorized to recommend a competitor to Provincial level competition)

    The selection of competitors must be the sole responsibility of the adjudicators.  They are knowledgeable about Provincial standards and requirements.  They have the interests and maturity level of the students in mind when they do not recommend participants.  Their decision is final.



  4. Competitors represent local festivals serving the geographic area where the performers live or study.However, if there is no recommended competitor from the geographic area, adjudicators can recommend from outside this area (unless precluded by local festival rules).These competitors are not eligible for consideration by the adjudicators of other festivals in that same discipline.


  5. Immediately following the local festival, that member festival may submit one recommended competitor only for a provincial-level class on adjudicator’s recommendation.It is the responsibility of the local secretaries to advise colleague Festivals of the names of their recommended competitors as once a competitor has accepted the Provincial recommendation, he/she is not eligible for Provincial recommendations at any other Festival (with the possible exception of chamber group competitors).All competitors who have already received a recommendation for the Provincial Festival and who subsequently compete in another Festival, must advise the second Festival of the prior recommendation.


  6. Single discipline member festivals have the option of sending two (2) participants in each level and discipline (with the exception of members of Chamber Groups, competitors may not be recommended for more than one class).


  7. The winners of the Provincial final competitions are not eligible to be recommended to compete in the same class in subsequent years (they must move into the next age level high if recommended again).

Note: This rule does not apply to National level classes.


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