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Registration for the 2020 Festival is now closed.
Payment must be received online with your registration. Your registration is not recorded in the database until your payment is received by PayPal.

You will receive an e mail confirmation of your time(s), date(s) and venue after program scheduling is completed. You can also click on the link in your confirmation email to see your schedule. All scheduling will be complete by February 1, 2020.

To complete your entry have all of the information you will need handy. Contact information for entrant, parents and teacher as well as the list of classes you want to enter and the information about the Title/Composer/Author/Time and other criteria for your selection. The class numbers have been added to the drop down so choose the class number, and ensure the other information matches the class you wish to enter. You need to carefully read the syllabus to comply with all of the criteria for the class. Complete the registration form online and pay by PayPal.

There will be handy instruction videos on the registration system in the next couple of days, they will be identified by this icon:


When you see this icon on the discipline tab, click on it if you would like to view the instruction video. If you have any further questions about your registration contact us using the form on our contact page.

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